Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it's an all good thing

Growed up eatin spam sandwiches
Sugar water and mayonnaise sandwich

Martha's meals aren’t what they used to be but some of her new friends are enjoying them and maybe she’ll school some of these cats but who’s gonna hold down the vittles vitals OUTSIDE of the bing. Who’s going to bring the ghetto flavors to you and me? Now, peace to the ‘white boy’ nachos, and pace to Mario Battali’s menu and shalom for the Shabbat but I’m afraid that’s not what I meant.
Have no fear, Trick Daddy Dollars is here… and he has his own cooking show!
Now maybe he can answer all of your kitchen conundrums.
But why, Trick?

I'm doin' this one for the kids in the streets
who ain't missed a beat
do it for the deaf and the blind
and those who don't eat meat

And as he reports on allhiphop.com he’ll cook just about anything…
I cook anything but chitlins, because chitlins smell like a dirty ass.